My personal favorite option for buying Bitcoin in Prague is at Paralelní Polis, or Parallel Polis. Not only does Paralelní Polis make buying Bitcoin for the first time easy, but they are known for being a very unique coffee shop that only accepts cryptocurrency

Although buying Bitcoin for the first time might seem confusing, there are only two options at Paralelní Polis. You can (1) download a Bitcoin/Litecoin wallet in the form of an app on your smartphone or (2) ask for a bitcoin or litecoin card at Bitcoin Coffee. Both a digital wallet and a paper card will give you QR codes for sending and receiving crypto.

To use the Bitcoin/Litecoin ATM at Bitcoin Coffee, select "Buy Bitcoins/Litecoins," scan your QR code on your smartphone or on your paper card, insert money (keep in mind the machine cannot offer change), and click buy. Since the ATM takes a commission, you will see the updated amount purchased and being transferred to your account - you are now the proud owner of some crypto!

Within a few moments, you should have your cryptocurrency on your digital wallet or paper card. However, it may take anywhere from a few minutes to about an hour. In my experience, the purchase showed up in my digital wallet a little over an hour after I used the Bitcoin Coffee ATM. I enjoyed using the ATM because I did not have to worry about which platforms accepted credit cards or bank transfers as an international student. 

Whether you choose to buy your Bitcoin or Litecoin at Bitcoin Coffee, I definitely recommend visiting Paralelní Polis at some point during your time in Prague. The airy, innovative cafe is pretty inspiring for anyone interested in the potential of crypto.  

To learn more, visit their website for hours and location...

Buying Bitcoin in Prague. Spring 2020.
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